Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Everything

I'm done with college for the next month so let's see what I missed.


Mike Evans, original Lionel Jefferson, dead

He was 57 and died of throat cancer, he left Hollywood and became a successful real estate investor. Personally I thought he was one of the funniest actors of the 70s.

Past the sadness I'm home know and there is nothing on the Tube to watch. Everything is on break and the new shows haven't started. That and problems with UPS delivering packages has delayed my festive/birthday celebrations. Oh well I'll celebrate December 28 that's a holiday somewhere right?

Best show on now Big Day.

Ok now back to shopping and shipping.


  1. Luisa4:28 AM

    ahhh I was thinking of popping in yesterday (the 23rd for me) and saying Merry Festivus, because you seem the type to know what I'm on about! ;)

    I'm not around on blogspot, certain circumstances being what they are, eh oh well, I'll keep popping in here and say toodles!

    I'll definatly let you know when I'm in NY, party on! woo hoo :D


    Luisa xoxo

  2. Yes Happy Festivus to you to.

    Nice to hear your well.

    I'll be power shopping for next few days after Chirstmas I don't much enjoy it but a man has to look sharp.


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