Friday, November 24, 2006

I Feel Nauseous, Quick To The Hospitals

House: Whac-A-Mole
A kid comes in with vomit and two kids and leaves with the vomit. A teenager is raising his brother and sister because their parents died. He chooses to stay sick and the kids go to foster care. Not a bad episode but the formula of make a patient sicker to cure them is getting ridiculous.
In this episode the little sister was played by Cassi Thomson and ends up in foster care.

Grey's Anatomy: From A Whisper to a Scream
Dr. Yang seriously screws Dr. Burke but not in a good freaky red pantie way. Everyone else besides Meredith is all mopey and depressed. Great extra long episode.

ER: Scoop and Run
This was a
Dr. Abby Lockhart centered episode. She is a heroine and inspiration during a bus crash over the cliffs of Chicago??? Dr. Tony Gates and Dr. Neela got it on but I think he only did it to make it clear his live-in girlfriend/friend that their relationship is over, very scummy indeed. Everyone else in the ER was falling in love left and right.
In this episode the foster girl was played by Cassi Thomson coincidently.

General Hospital: 11/??/06

Luke and Laura had their last wedding but I found it interesting that in the backyard where they held the wedding were palm trees. No big deal you say. Well since it is in upstate New York in November I think it is kind of retarded of the director of that episode to show them so many times.


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