Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hell I've Been Busy

This semester has been tough not just the classes but the endless reports and projects. So infrequent updates for you!

Back to TV I've seen three new shows:
Jericho a great show about a small town apparently surviving a full nuclear world war.
Men In Trees a good show but in a bad time slot so I couldn't keep watching it so it off my TiVo list.
Heroes horrible first episode but I know it has been "retooled" so I'll keep watching.

Old shows return:
ER had the best premiere.
Grey's Anatomy is great.
Everything else is on tape or TiVo and I'll watch it during the weekend.

I'm looking forward to Dexter a Showtime drama about a serial killer.

Lately I've been annoyed with the state of TV. Mostly dealing with the damned logos on the bottom and news crawl during shows but that is a huge rant for another day. I understand the what really is going on.

To all the regulars I lost everyones blog addresses so that is why I haven't visited anyone so if you want to drop a line go ahead if not sorry.


  1. Dude, Jericho is good, Heroes has been good, I even liked the first show. This weeks Heroes show was the first one that had some parts I didn't like, although I don't remember what they were.

    I also like "The Nine" that comes on right after LOST.

  2. Heroes has been getting better but I hate Hayden Panteehairy.

  3. What no Halloween updates?


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