Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frontline: Poor Kids

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat well!

This is a must watch documentary from the kids who do not have the joys you may have today.

The honesty from these kids is often drowned out by politics. Even on the website for Frontline there are ignorant comments about how these people have so much and eat like the rich. They are conservative commentators who blindly and willfully ignore the actual truth told. Some of these poor had $60,000 jobs in construction that dried up and they kept half there stuff and lost the other to storage auctions. Slowly as they the months dragged on they lose more things and the price of frozen pizza and soda gets cheaper than fresh produce especially with no kitchen.

Emotions and experiences make up a person's spirit and these kids will have theirs killed as they continue to grow up like they do. Accurately one girl sees how if she has no education and no job that she will end up a criminal. While their plights are not as drastic as those in other countries they are still important. The few safety nets we have is why these kids are not dead like they would be during the the early part of the 1900s.

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