Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When is the Olympics on?

This Friday is the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and I have seen little coverage on the TV. Sure there was a shooting, epic heat, and some type of presidential elections so priorities have shifted.

The Olympics is being held  in London and broadcast on NBC locally. There is the problem that plagued other Olympics. There is a 5 hour difference so 12pm in London is 7am in NYC. Logic dictates that NBC should show all the major games live but they have never been good at doing what is logical. Historically they have delayed games to fit their schedule and that has proven to be a ratings disaster thanks to the internet.

I generally watch whatever random game is on and of course the opening and closing ceremonies. Since there seems to be no hype around the games I can really care less. NBC has nothing interesting on this summer so most people have not been watching the network at all. There are no breakout stars like Jordan or Jenner so that add to the dullness.

I once again call for the Olympics to be held in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg, when he is lucid, tried honorably to bring them here. London as been having issues but none of them are crippling. NYC  has had several sports championships, huge celebrity events, and grand holiday spectaculars with normal issues. People who thrive on fear of course will objective but again this is America and we should host this event with some safety and style.

Now to wait for Friday and hopefully not forget to watch the 2012 Olympics.

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