Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before, During, After

Before people barely talked about the twin towers, unofficially they were an eyesore. No talked about a field in Pennsylvania. A few people talked about the Pentagon but with little sadness.

During that day 19 Muslim extremists with hate in their hearts decide to kill and hurt and tried to forever change the American way of life.

After the people, mostly non-New Yorkers or non-Pentagon employees, decided that anger was good but being petty was better. First you had the greedy wives, then the deniers who swarmed the internet with foolish conspiracies. After a while you got the phony sick who spent 30 years smoking and then spent 2 weeks many blocks away from the site and whined their way to millions. Now you have the exploiters who seek to use the day to win elections or plug their church/mosque.

Still they tested the tribute in lights on Sept 10 while having no building to walk into on the 11th.

Rebuild and never forget.

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