Friday, January 08, 2010

What Else is On

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So it is that time of the season where all my shows are on hold and I watch other shows just to have something unproductive to do.

Burn Notice is always great, caught up a lot with the marathon they had.

Modern Family: Julie Bowen and Ty Burell steal the show it is funny with out being outrageous.

The Middle:  Everyone is great while being outrageous, they are so good you don't even realize Chris Kattan is on the show.

Cougar Town: Courtney Cox tries real hard. What Julia-Louis Dreyfus does with ease Cox makes so hard...he he he. Busy Phillips is great as is the rest of the cast.

Scrubs: Med School while most of the original cast slowly fades away, although Carla was dropped like a brick, new students fill in their spot. I still enjoy the show although Dave Franco is a bit too much.

Better Off Ted: Great, great, great.

V: Finally caught up with all the episodes and it turned out better than I thought.


  1. Sometimes I find a show that I want to check out while my regular shows are on hiatus. You know, a show that was in the same time slot as a favorite? However, I haven't seen anything that interests me. I haven't even watched a single episode of the shows you mentioned.

    While my shows were on break, I read books. Remember those? :-). I also watched stuff on DVD and the internet. My shows are starting to come back, though, so I'll be sitting dazed in front of the TV again :-).

  2. I bought 5 real novels but have yet to read any since most of the time I dedicate to reading Vibration of Continuous Systems.

    "to know about analytical methods of vibration analysis of continuous structural systems."

    So any break from books with words and numbers is fine with me.

  3. I love Scrubs! Although I was a huge fan of the Bromance between Turk and JD, I find the new interns refreshing. I know what you mean by Dave Franco's character being a bit much at times, but he definitely made his place in my like-list! At first I couldn't stand him, but give him a chance, ha ha! As for the old cast fading out, JD leaving was a disappointment, and I cannot imagine the show without Cox, to me it's quite simple: Scrubs - Cox = ?

  4. True but now with Lost being back they just might cancel Scrubs instead of finishing the season.


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