Saturday, December 19, 2009

No TV for You!

John Lithgow in 2007Image via Wikipedia
I wnet for a new camera instead of a new HDTV.

The reason is simple most movies are awful and most TV shows are barely watchable. Now with the cancellation of soaps and the lack of 10 pm dramas their is less reason to huddle in my cave.

Plus a camera, theoretically, will make me more social. I shutter the thought.

But the 3 shows that are still on had great endings.

Glee was perfect with all their wrapping up of story lines.
Californication was great with emotional bombs going off left and right.
Dexter should sweep the award show, especially with John Lithgow as Trinity.


  1. A new camera is good... socializing is too, but I don't necessarily see the connection. Merry almost Christmas and happy holidays :)

  2. Shoving a camera in some face is more social then watching a bad show.

  3. I was happy with the last few episodes of "Glee" because the writers aren't making viewers wait until April to see the secrets uncovered. I also enjoyed the musical numbers, no matter how many times I read comments about them being overproduced. Lea Michele had me sitting on the edge of my seat when she sang "Don't Rain On My Parade". It was the perfect song for her character.


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