Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They're back!!!!


Damned writers are back. I was hoping the strike would stretch until may but no chance.

Jericho is back too and kind of boring.

The Grammys were a shame only because Amy W. did not thank Britney, Linsdey, Nicole, or Paris for promting her song for two years. Publicity over talent should be the title of her next song.

Lost has added something.


  1. Amy Winehouse is a case of publicity over talent only in the sense that talent often goes unnoticed unless you have a stellar publicity campaign. If you listen to her previous album, "Frank", you would be able to hear that Winehouse has a lot of talent. Unfortunately, her behavior wasn't as outrageous back then so she didn't get noticed except by music critics.

  2. Tried listening to her first album nut didn't care for it and that popular song she has annoys me.

    Maybe I'll give it a second chance I did like the new Herbie Hancock album.

    I'm real mad that the only Smooth Jazz station in NYC has been replaced. CD 101.9 is dead.


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