Monday, January 14, 2008

Kyle XY and others

Kyle XY is back tonight, along with Prison Break.

The Golden Globes was on last night. Does anyone care?
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Some good news Extras won for best comedy/musical.
David Duchovny won for best actor in a comedy/musical.
Califorincation is a great show despite the name controversy.
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Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles: Pilot
It starts a while after Terminator 2 in 1999 and of course John Conner the whiny savior is being hunted by robots from the future. John, his mom, and their pet robot all start causing trouble. They can't find Skynet so they travel to the year 2007 and see each other naked.

The show was actual quite watchable. It went by fast and did not completely suck. It would have been nice to them in the past going through history but that maybe coming in future episodes.
What is known is that in 2011 Skynet wakes up and is cranky.


  1. My husband enjoyed the first episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles because it started in immediately with the action. As for me, I can already tell that is will be one of those where I ask my husband for the recap every 3rd episode :-).

  2. It is very fast paced but I don't feel that emotion between the characters. Maybe it will last but I'm not taking any bets.


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