Saturday, December 22, 2007

Accursed TV

I feel bad for the last post so let's move on.

Over the years I've watched enough network TV to see a lot of things pass that shouldn't. During a 20/20 special about child actress turn porn star, Jamie Foxworthy the showed a clip of her porn and they accidentally left some unblurred images.
Also they use to give late movies on ABC that were terrible and many times weren't blurred during quick nude scenes and they made it on the air, but this was the late 1980s - early 1990s. Now with computers and DVRs most of that is gone.

But there still is live TV and cursing. Yes every live game has some cursing from rude fans but scripted shows should know better. Here are two recent examples I found.

Attack of the Show: Olivia Munn curses and the bleep guy is way off

Next was a local news show WPIX channel 11 in NYC when a liar and criminal on the subway attacked some drunk guy for wishing everyone a Happy Chanukah.

Maybe I'll post something more Christmasy tomorrow.

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