Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Shows I like

Pushing Daisies- It is a ridiculous fairy tale and the narrator is annoying but it is beautifully shot and the writing is great.

Journeyman- A time traveling show ala Quantum Leap very sad and compelling.

Big Bang Theory- Okay I guess nobody notice that Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert have appeared on the show. It is a funny show and the Sheldon steals the show.

Kitchen Nightmares- Yes that is how most New York eateries look.

Honorable mentions to Reaper.

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  1. I discovered Big Bang Theory late, but I like it. I didn't watch it at first because initial reviews I read said it was lame and a stereotypical representation of geeks. When I finally settled down to watch it, I laughed out loud. The show reminded me how much I miss a well-written 30-minute sitcom. And I DID notice the mini "Rosanne" reunion on the show.


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