Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not forgotten

6 Years ago today 19 Muslims conspired to terrorize America and the world since then they have succeeded in bringing terror hundreds of times over to Spain, England and the rest of the world.

Being so close to the World Trade Centers and seeing what happened that day still fuels my desire to stay in my engineering school since we have access to the sites and we help can rebuild. In rebuilding we hope to honor the office workers who died on this day.

Special attention to Robert Pattison and Isaias Rivera two CBS engineers who were trapped at the top of the World Trade Center on that tragic day.

This came from a Dominican Times...

DTM Honors the 911 Victims and The Victims Families
World Trade Center Art

For DTM, today is a day of anniversaries, the sixth anniversary of both the 911 tragedy and the launching of our publication. With this in mind, we honor and ask our loyal readers and supporters to take time today to honor the victims and the families of the victims of that fateful day. At DTM, we seek to connect people and bridge cultures by defining trends and emerging leaders. This is the vision that has led to our continued growth over the last six years. Likewise, fueled by the unity, perseverance and spirit of the citizens of New York and the United States, the World Trade Center site has risen like the phoenix, with new construction and plans for new projects to both honor the victims and to celebrate the best that America has to offer. Let us never forget and DTM will continue on a mission dedicated to the principals that our strength as a nation derives from unity and celebrating the diversity that makes America great. With these principals in mind we will continue to grow and heal from the wounds left by the 911 tragedy. May God continue to bless America and us all.

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  1. On 9/11/07 on the L train a terrorist sympathizer was wearing a "Investigate 9/11" t-shirt from a terrorist supported site named Loose something .com.

    He was Hispanic or Arab and was bald listening to an iPod and wearing shades. He got off on 6th Ave and then took th 2/3 train uptown.

    Be aware he is a crass, obviously psychotic person and should be fired from his job.


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