Friday, October 18, 2013

NBC Cancellations

Ironside (TV series)
Ironside (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Welcome To The Family, a show about a Latino family that must get along with a white family because their kids are expecting a baby. The white daughter gets knocked up and her mother is also preggers. I watched the most recent episode with a special appearance by Eva Langoria. The show is not that funny and surprisingly not that racial or edgy, despite my description.

Ironside, a remake of the original Ironside except the main character is cool while Raymond Burr, the original was more tough and straight. I tried watching an episode but when Ironside found a gun because it was at eye level saying something like thanks to my wheel chair I  have a new perspective I knew it was poorly written.

Sean Saves the World and the Michael J. Fox show are still hanging on. I have not seen Sean's show but it looks like a typical sitcom. Michael's show is good as I saw the pilot and liked it better than Robin William's show but it is less shiny than Robin's show so it may not last.

Is it a coincident that the "ethnic" shows were canceled first? Probably not but I blame the writers since they are not yet writing for all types of voices.

Community is coming back praise be the lord.
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