Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Lbs. is a movie that aired recently on Thirteen a PBS channel. Often they show classic and indepent films with a brief narrative about the film and the process. This film was remarkable since the main guy in the movie actually lost the weight over the year it took to film.

The film Lbs. introduces us to an overweight Italian-American man from NYC that has a heart attack and must change his habits. He eventually pushes his family to the limit with his lack of will power and buys a trailer in the woods.

Enlisting the help of drug addicted friend they try to get sober together. That fails but it pushes the fat guy to do it on his own. What helps the most is final getting some nookie from a local married woman. He gains enough confidence to lose weight on his own and return to his family. Since most of his family and friends are toxic he keeps his distant and that is the point. He must now be independent and that is the best for him.

What annoys me is that this do nothing has enough money to go around and buy expensive things for a year without working. While he has no job he bought a $5,000 plot of land and buys healthy food for a year then moves into a hotel. The movie is good and Miriam Shor was great in her small role.

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